#BBO preview: What They Said

Siddikur Rahman (Ban)

I’m very excited that this week has finally arrived. I’m feeling great because this is my home course and we have good advantage to play better. I don’t feel pressure because I’ve won many tournaments here.

If I can play my own game here, I think I can win this tournament. This is definitely a golden opportunity for me to win and prove that Bangladeshi golfers are good.

This is not an easy course because the rough is long. The key is finding fairways and greens. The course is playing more difficult as compared to when I won in 2011 on the Asian Development Tour (ADT). It will be challenging this week.

I’m feeling very confident because I’m physically fit and I really look forward to a good week. I didn’t prepare any differently this week because I feel very comfortable here. I think the fans and golfers will really enjoy the week.

Nicholas Fung (Mas)

The golf course looks exciting to me. It isn’t playing too long so it suits my game. You need golf course management here. I have a back injury so I can only hit 70% of my strength.

To be honest, I have no expectations this week. I injured my back earlier this month. I was warming-up and now my muscle in the back is swollen. The doctor actually told me to take one month off from golf but I really want to play in this event.

Siddikur told me it isn’t a long golf course so I decided to play against the doctor’s advice. Even the physiotherapist told me to stay away from the golf course but I’m being stubborn. I’ll just need to maintain an easy golf swing this week.

Chapchai Nirat of Thailand

Chapchai Nirat of Thailand

Chapchai Nirat (Tha)

You must find for fairways here. If you can do that, then your second shot will be easy. I finished number four on the local Tour last week. My game is good now so I’m feeling very confident.

I’m still sad that I lost in Indonesia. After the third round, I was seven strokes behind but I fight back and was in the play-off. I feel another win is coming soon. Chapchai is back.

Carlos Pigem (Esp)

I feel good. This is the first time I’m here but I like this country. People are kind, the course is nice so I like it. This is a tricky golf course and you need to find fairways to have a chance to attack the green. If you go to the rough, it will be tough to have a low score.

I like Asia and I’ve felt comfortable here since my debut season. I like playing in warm conditions. I’ve enjoyed a good season so far. I’ve made all the cuts and finished seventh in Thailand. I was disappointed with my result in Mauritius because I was leading in the tournament at one point.

If I continue to do what I’ve been doing then I think the win is near. I’ve had some chances to win so that’s pretty good.

I think I kept my Asian Tour card for next year. If you do good early in the year then you have less pressure to play the rest of the tournaments. It is going to be interesting because you always try to win a tournament. My goal is to win one tournament this year.

Rashid Khan (Ind)

It will help a lot to the local professional golfers. They need one good start through a tournament like this. It will help golf in Bangladesh. It can be the same thing for the other players as well. The locals have a lot of advantage playing here. There are a lot of players who do well here because of the local knowledge. It is the same when I play in Delhi.

I met my mental coach before coming here and I told her that there’s nothing wrong with my mental game. I’m just not finding enough fairways. I’m comfortable with my game now because I changed my driver. The key here is to find fairways. It is not a long golf course.

Rashid Khan of India

Rashid Khan of India

I changed my driver in Mauritius (two weeks ago). It wasn’t working there but I’m feeling comfortable now. It is more of a problem with my game. Once I’m comfortable with my tee shots then I’ll be good.

Siddikur is a good and calm player. I can’t describe his talent and his work rate. He has been playing good golf for many seasons on the Asian Tour and that shows just how good he is.

Mardan Mamat (Sin)

It is nice to be playing an Asian Tour tournament in Bangladesh. This is a big tournament for them. It is nice to come here and support the tournament. Most of the players are playing here for the first time but by one or two rounds, we will know how to play the golf course.

We must start from somewhere and once we’ve done that, we can help promote golf in other countries as well. This is good for the Tour. Hopefully this tournament will be on the Tour Schedule for many more seasons to come.

The local players have a good advantage here. If they win this tournament, they will earn a winner’s exemption on the Asian Tour. They know the course well and that will help them do well this week.

I like the golf course and I think it suits my game very well. If you can keep the ball on the fairway, then you have a good chance to attack the green. I finished good in Mauritius two weeks ago.  I have a lot of confidence coming here to win the tournament.

Berry Henson of the United States

Berry Henson of the United States

Berry Henson (Usa)

The course looks beautiful and in great shape. It is my first time here so I’m excited to be here. It is going to be a great event. It is always nice to visit a new country. People here are excited that the Asian Tour is in town. There is a lot of excitement surrounding this tournament. A lot of the players are excited to perform.

I got a lot of work to do in the next two days because I haven’t had much practice. I’ve been fighting to recover from a stomach bug. I’m trying to get as much knowledge as I can on the golf course. I enjoy going to different places and I usually play well when I’m in a new place or country.

I have no expectations and sometimes that’s good for a golfer. The weather is going to be fine. I live in Thailand so I’m used to the heat. This weather is perfect. If it stays like this all week, it will be easier for me.