#3on3 with Siddikur, Sattaya and Karlberg

May 19: Want to find the favourite movies, sportsmen and clubs for Thailand’s Sattaya Supupramai, Siddikur Rahman of Bangladesh and Sweden’s Rikard Karlberg? Read on with this 3 on 3 Q&A with the stars from the Asian Tour.

What is your favourite movie?
Sattaya: Ironman as he’s so strong and powerful!

Rikard: There are a lot of good movies out there. I’ve got to say Shawshank Redemption.

Siddikur: Greatest Game Ever Played. It was a great golf story and was very inspiring to watch.

Who is your favourite sportsman?

Sattaya: Lewis Hamilton as he’s such a cool driver and I also drive a Mercedes Benz.

Rikard: Roger Federer because he’s so cool and calm. He looks just flawless when he plays the game.

Siddikur: Lionel Messi. I like his style of game. Even when he plays good or bad, he’s got the same attitude on the field and is always trying hard.

What is your favourite club in the bag?
Sattaya: It’s probably my 60 degree wedge. Chipping is my strongest part of the game and I love spinning the golf ball.

Rikard: My 60 degree wedge. My first club when I was a kid was a 60 degree wedge and it’s always fun to get a lot of spin with it.

Siddikur: My favourite club is my 52 degree wedge. I can hit many kinds of shots with it, like the control shot, or a draw shot. I’ve got good control with this club.